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Working Out? How should I use CBD for recovery?

There's no specific research yet, though, on how CBD can improve exercise recovery or fitness results, though there's reason to believe it would help. If it can ease pain, why not sore muscles? If it can fight inflammation, why not the inflammation that running, weightlifting, high-intensity interval training or other types of exercise causes?

"Athletes are limited by the extent to which they can train and how much time their muscles need to recover," says Dr. Murdoc Khaleghi, an emergency medicine physician by training who is a senior medical sports injury adviser."CBD, through its ability to decrease pain and inflammation, it helps accelerate recovery."

We at The Village CBD Company endorse using CBD for recovery after working out. We have a variety of products to chose from:

  1. Tribe Totes Extra Strength CBD Pain Relief Cream 1000 mg

  2. 300 mg Broad Spectrum CBD Warming Cream

  3. CBDol Relief Stick 500 mg

  4. CBDol Topical CBD Salve 500mg

Again, you're mostly on your own to determine exactly how much CBD you should take to feel its effects. The dosing guidelines on our site should give you a good jumping-off point, but CBD is a subjective chemical that reacts differently in every body. Once you feel the desired effect, though, you won't have to up the dose.

To sum it up, if your doctor says it’s OK and you’re game to try CBD instead of popping traditional anti-inflammatories, go for it. Try it for a few weeks while varying the delivery method and dose to find what works best for you. Who knows? By tomorrow, you could be recovering faster from your workout and have one less excuse to skip leg day.

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